Windows Now: Light and open is the current trend

curtains frame a beautiful view.
Let the light in!


Ten to twenty years ago window treatments were like the slightly drunk, overly loud, socially UNconscious, “who-invited–them” party guest in the room. They threatened to overwhelm everyone elses conversation with their antics.

‘More is more’ seemed to be the guiding design principal:

  • If one fabric would do the job, why not use 3?
  • Did someone say trim?
  • How about tassels, beaded fringe and cording?
  • And why not cover up the window itself with some good old blinds or small shutters?

The pendulum has definitely swung the other direction. “Let the light in! Indoor/outdoor living! Fresh and open!” my customers cry.

Removing those detailed (gaudy?) old treatments from the window is liking taking a deep breath and letting it out.

But then what? I address privacy and light control issues first, while maximizing the view—there are some great new products available! Then it’s time to gently frame that view with some lovely custom curtains in a delicious fabric.

Simple, not overbearing, beauty that really finishes a room. Get started early as custom curtains can take up to 2 months to construct!  Call me today to see my beautiful fabrics!