What’s New for 2022

What's New for 2022 Study with Desk and green walls

The decorations are put away, the cookies are out of the house, and now you look around and say, “Blah.”

Been there.

Refreshing your home is important not just for the feel-good emotion of coming home to a space you love, but also for maintaining your home’s value for resale. A tired home whose colors and finishes hearken back to a previous era is not a good look for family and friends, either!

The key is to be ahead of what you see in the Pottery Barn catalog, versus chasing it. Here is a “cliff notes” on upcoming trends for home and home furnishings:

Textures and Finishes:

Nubby, handwoven fabrics with plenty of imperfections are all the rage. A global influence is felt in fabrics that look as if they were stamped by hand. I will be looking to incorporate these textures into my clients’ homes this year in pillows, and fabric accents for and updated look. Washed linen is popular with its imperfect, slightly rumpy texture.

What's New For 2022 Textures and Finishes

Matte black (shout out to JoJo) is giving way to its younger sibling, shiny black. If a black lantern fixture is desired as a pendant over an island, I might now choose one in shiny vs. matte black, as I did here.

Warm metals such as aged bronze aka brushed gold aka antique gold have taken over from the cool shiny chrome and brushed nickel.

Matte or satin finished wood brings an organic, hand-crafted element to a space. The light finishes suggest a Scandinavian feel without being so spare.

Scandinavian Feel What's New for 2022

Colors and Shapes

“Green is the next Blue.”

Green is the Next Blue What's New for 2022

I first noticed green busting onto the scene in 2018 during the furniture fair in High Point, North Carolina. Then it felt a bit premature, a bit out of step with what my clients were wanting. But it was more of a premonition of what the marketplace would be craving four years later: a fresh look, natural, easy, different.

Color trends tend to follow the mood of the country and aren’t we all desiring the more natural harmony? If your home is blue based, adding green in fabrics and art can be a place to start.

For the bold, using dark paints is back.

Dark Paint Colors What's New for 2022

They create drama and depth, combined with jewel tones, dark stone, and hammered finishes. A wine room, or theatre room can be a wonderful place to enjoy this trend. If that feels like too much to you, soft greens, warm grays, and a hint of blush can feel fresh and comfortable.

And do not forget curves. Oh my goodness, curves! After years of eliminating curvy accents and furniture, the pendulum has begun its swing back.

·        round neck roll pillows and other tubular shapes.

·        rounded overstuffed furniture reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s.

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