What can an interior designer do for you?

Ann Bridgman owner of Just the Thing Decorating is an interior designer Southlake TX and she offers Southlake Interior Design

You feel like you should be able do it on your own. But the truth is, if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. And chances are if you are reading this site that you are not thrilled with what “you’ve always gotten”!

An interior designer can save you time, money, and mistakes. Here is how:

1. Saves Time
Every service you pay others to do buys you back time. Chances are you COULD do your nails yourself, but you pay others to do it because they do it better and faster. I begin my process with a 60–90-minute consultation in your home where I ask lots of questions to determine the special recipe of timeliness, quality, style, and price that your new pieces will need to have to please you perfectly. With that I determine the sources that can deliver those pieces. I present my findings to you on my online portal where you will have a selection of products to choose from that will all work well together to achieve the finished look you crave.

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2. Saves Money
Many people have trouble making decisions on which items they need and want. Before working with me, they end up with a piece of furniture they are never happy with, no matter how may pillows they put around it. They spent money on lower quality items instead of investing in a few key pieces to anchor the room and saving a few dollars on less important items. In contrast, I distribute your investment dollars where they yield the biggest bang for the buck in your home.

3. Saves Mistakes
When fear of error guides buying decisions, no risks are taken, and no rewards are earned! Does this scenario sound familiar? You spend endless hours online looking for a new sofa and worrying that the one you like will not be right. You ask everyone for their opinion of the piece you are thinking of purchasing and adjust your preference to everyone’s opinion. You end up buying the simplest, most neutral piece you can find, and end up a one-dimensional space devoid of texture, interest, or pizazz that never feels finished. In contrast, after working with me, a client has a finished space with layers of lovely materials that complement one another and look good for years to come. Your finished room does not look like everyone else’s: it feels like what you would have wanted to look like if you could have done it yourself!

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