The Top Five Things to do when preparing to sell your home

1.Hire a real estate agent.
Sure, you’ll pay commission. But the exposure and expertise an agent brings to the process will give you a shorter time on market, and a higher selling price. Even with the accessibility to sites like Zillow for homeowners, the time and cost of doing it yourself is significant. Why not just hire a professional and do it right the first time?

2.Clean out your closets.
And your shelves, and your garage, and your storage space. Be brutal. If you haven’t touched it in a year, give it away or sell it. Nothing turns off a buyer quicker than personal clutter in an online picture they are viewing, or a home they are visiting.

3.Bring in a stager.
Consider a stager as “that friend” who tells you the truth about your haircut. She is a fresh set of eyes who can help you position your belongings to show off your home in its best light to buyers.

4.Trust your experts.
If your agent or stager tells you to invest $3000 in your home to get $10,000 more in selling price, believe them. No one likes to invest money in a home they are selling, but if a little chaos results in less days on the market and more money in your pocket, grit your teeth and write that check. Your experts know what they are talking about.

5. Don’t delay.
Late spring is conventionally the best time to get your home on the market, but now isn’t bad either. Many buyers would like to be in their new homes before school starts, so selling now may mean a higher price and shorter contract to close time.

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