Spring Home Trends

Happy New Year!

With all the trappings of the holidays packed up and put away, it’s time to refresh our homes and create a place of renewal for our families and ourselves!

  1. The Farm
    Earthy browns, buttery yellows, milky whites – to tomatoes, pumpkins and greens. People are yearning to anchor themselves amidst a new reality. Look for handcrafted fabrics, burlaps, tea-stained materials, and all types of petrified, bleached and natural woods – which suggests a return to life’s simpler things.
  2.  Order
    We are craving a sense of balance and order from the chaos of the past couple of years. Monochromatic variations of black, white and gray are punctuated with red, blues, yellows and greens. Geometric patterns with crisp stripes, dots and spirals uplift our spirit and improve our mood.
  3. Escape
    The dreamy glamor of sheer draped fabrics, metallic finishes and softened textures coupled with a more pale, frosted and opalescent color palette allows us to escape to a world of optimism, if only for a moment.
  4. Tribe
    The spicy color palette of the land such as rich berry, cinnamon, saffron and fire orange are anchored with bronzes and charcoals. There is a huge focus on patterns, stencils, hand embroidery and beading as we seek to return to our roots.

Your Home?

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