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Rules of Thumb

Written by Ann Bridgman

People ask me these questions a lot!  Hope these answers are helpful to you!JSCC-009

How high over my dining table should I hang my chandelier?

A good rule of thumb when hanging a chandelier over a dining room table is to hang it so the bottom is approximately 30″ above the table. Since most tables are about 30″ high, this means that the bottom of the light fixture will be about 60″, or 5′, from the floor. If you haven’t placed your table yet, this height will seem very low. But trust me–once your table is in place, the light fixture will look beautiful and be at the correct height.

How big should my area rug be?

A rug for your dining room should be large enough to accommodate both the table as well as the chairs with people sitting in them. A rule of thumb is to add about 36″ to the width and length of the table. This will give enough room for diners to comfortably move their chairs in and out. Generally, china cabinets and buffets sit on the floor, not the area rug. In a living room, a rug under a coffee table looks best if the rug is the same length as the sofa. An area rug measuring 6′ x 8′ or 5′ x 7′ is usually a good size in front of a sofa. If in doubt, select a bigger, rather than a smaller size rug.

How high should I hang my artwork?

Artwork hung too high is something I see all the time. A great rule of thumb is to hang it so that the center of the artwork is 60-65” from the floor.

How far away should my TV be from my sofa?

Many people are buying large flat screen TVs these days, but do they have enough space in their family room to accommodate it? You don’t want to be too close or too far. Here are some guidelines for some of the more popular screen sizes:

For a 40” TV screen, you need about 5 to 8 feet of distance

for a 46” TV, you need about 6 to 9 feet

for a 52” TV, plan on 6 to 11 feet

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