What’s new on the horizon?

High Point, North Carolina

Ever hear of the big Home Furnishings fair in High Point, NC? I was there to scout out the new trends and fabulous looks for my customers. Because when you invest in your home, I always want you to be forward leaning on your new items, so they look current for a long, long time!

Here are 6 great trends we will be incorporating into homes during the coming year:

1. Green is back!
Century furniture’s Emerald Green Couch

Currently paired with lots of neutrals, this emerald shade is vibrant and energetic as seen on this couch from Century! The blues we have been enjoying will become less prominent as green takes center stage.

2. Decorative wood grained surfaces

Because the market is moving away from the blocky “restoration hardware” look, a classic, elegant look is emerging, and beautiful, detailed wood surfaces were everywhere! Suddenly that piece you inherited may bring a new edge to your space! Enjoy your traditional pieces.

3. Contrast piping

Contrast buttons and piping

The industry is embracing a “new traditional” look which includes decorative detailing like contrasting welts (AKA piping) on chairs, headboards, couches and pillows. Feeling preppy, anyone?

4. Tapered legs

As part of this move back toward more feminine lines, furniture makers are using classic stains on cleaner lined furniture. This includes tapered legs on all matter of objects. I saw so many that the metal tipped ones started looking like polished toenails to me! Ha!

5. Textured and eclectic

Why have one rug when you can have 2? Layer on the pattern, texture and color and embrace your groovy 70’s self! This display was in the Precedent showroom.

Top Trend #6: Warmth!

Sherwin Williams Paint Color of the year was “baked clay”–a surprising choice. So I was curious to see how that color would appear in the furnishings we will all be wanting…and appear it did–everywhere! Warmth is back! Often paired with plummy shades it is in the leather, plaids, and accessories.