New color trends for 2017


What’s on the horizon for home décor trends? That was exactly the subject at the recent Sherwin-Williams 2017 ColorMix at the Dallas World Trade Center. Megatrends such as national mood, international migration, technology and sustainability are all analyzed and turned into color palettes that influence not only big retailers like Pottery Barn, but ultimately what we crave in our own homes. The future trends for our homes will be:

Noir: Rich saturated color tones like eggplant, jade and midnight serve as a dramatic backdrop for the sensuous luster of gold, and moody neutrals.
Holistic: Cool blues pair with blush rose and browns to create a light airy aesthetic. Sustainable luxury and hand crafted items take center stage.
Intrepid: Self expression is the name of the game with fiery, energetic colors like violet, bright yellow, and acid green.
Unbounded: Global migration has blurred borders between peoples, and this is expressed in earthy mustard, deep ocean blues, and coral.

Pick one or two ideas mentioned above and pick up an accessory or two that brings that aesthetic into your home and you will be on the cutting edge of home fashion!