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Discovery Call

Please fill out my contact form and then book your free 15 minutes with me. I look forward to hearing about your interior design project and answering your questions.

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(In Home or Virtual)

Whether it’s a home refresh you need, a complete turnaround, or advice on an upcoming remodel, here is your starting point. We will talk ideas and possibilities for all your spaces during our 60 to 90 minutes together face to face, or via technology! Ready to make that project a reality?


Step 3

Interior Design Service

After defining your scope of work during our initial consultation, I will offer you a package to complete your project, provide a contract for your review, and then designing begins! (See examples below)

Full Service Interior Design Packages

I just need to Pull Things Together

I will “finish your spaces” as needed with art, accessories, lighting and window treatments, in a fun and easy process. I’ll create that pulled together designer look you’ll love to come home to!

Starting at $2,250

Let’s Decorate!

Ready to redo a room? I will give you a look you’ll love that will integrate with your existing furnishings, and look like it came out of a magazine! You’ll feel so proud showing your friends and family your comfy new space.

Starting at $2,700

Ready to Renovate

I will be your personal consultant for your kitchen and bath remodel, saving you time, money, and mistakes. Together we will select contractors, effectively communicate the scope of work, select cabinet styles, layout, door hardware, plumbing, lighting, flooring, countertops, and special touches that will give you the perfect look you crave.

Starting at $4,500

What does full-service interior design include?

18+ years experience in hundreds of homes.

A team of great contractors, electricians, plumbers, drapery treatment fabricators and installers, faux finishers, painters, wallpaper installers, tile installers, custom glass crafters, movers, demo crews, wood finishers, lighting experts, cabinet makers, stone fabricators, art consultants, upholsterers, bedding and pillow fabricators and much, much more.

Interior Design FAQ's

Full-service interior design consists of three major phases:

• Discovery and Conceptual Development
• Detailed Design
• Purchasing and Execution

Working with me allows you to relax and be confident that I am managing the project from initial concept down to the final detail.

The Discovery begins with our first call and Conceptual Development begins upon receipt of the design fee for full service design, and may take up to 4 weeks to complete depending on both of our schedules.

During that time we will:

· Assess the current project space, take measurements and photos, and document any items that will be staying.
· Design the ideal floor plan and optimal size and style of furniture to ensure the best possible layout for the project.
· Gather inspiration photos from you. 
· Determine initial selections to confirm the design direction.
· Contact and coordinate contractors to visit your home in order to provide accurate estimates for their work.

The Detailed Design Phase of Full Service Design takes approximately four weeks, and consists of the following design services:

· Selection of each item according to design direction, investment estimate, and floor plan(s). 
· Procurement of written quotes from all trades and vendors.
· Completion of selections in accordance with approved inspiration boards and initial selections.
· Finalizing the approved floor plan(s) with actual selections.
· Completing any custom piece drawings as needed.
· Presentation preparation to communicate the design.
· Confirming the actual numbers against the approved investment estimate.

The Purchasing and Execution Phase is time dependent on scope of project and the vendors and contractors schedules.

Purchasing and Implementation:
· Placing orders and assessing delivery times.
· Complete the purchasing of goods on your behalf.
· Clarify and communicate estimated delivery times.
· Manage open orders by efficiently tracking goods.

· On Call for questions.
· Assist with communication and decision making.
· Provide site checks for project accuracy.

· Coordinate deliveries and installations of furnishings.
· On site presence during deliveries and installations, where applicable.

Room Styling: 
· Plan and execute the styling process. 
· Style and photograph the completed project, where applicable.

Identify & Resolve Deficiencies: 
· Identify and resolve all deficiencies identified on the project punch list.

As every project is different, I will be able to give you a fee estimate once we determine the scope of your project. I usually provide this in my follow up email to you after our initial consultation.

With Full Service Design, all purchasing and execution goes through me.

Your purchase of interior design items (i.e. furniture, fabrics, art, accessories and other design materials) through me will serve as payment for my services during the Purchasing and Execution Phase. I charge commercially reasonable “Retail” prices minus a 15% designer discount passed on to you.  If non-trade items are used in the design, I charge a 20% purchase management fee on those items.

I have developed and refined my process over the last 18 years and am not willing to deviate from it. I offer only a few excellent options in design presentations, as I find that endless options yield a very “vanilla” design, rather than the layered, thoughtful, and detailed designs I am known for. My true value is in putting together the mix. 

In addition, full service interior design features to-the-trade pieces purchased through Just the Thing. Although it may seem like it’s okay to swap out a few items for less expensive options, that isn’t how full-service interior design works. Our agreement is that we set an investment estimate together, then furnishings are purchased through Just the Thing. This is the business model that I have to stick to function as a business.

If you would still like to manage the process after the design, please consider my Virtual Design Package

I require 100% deposit on all orders for many reasons.

Once a custom order is placed, it is non-refundable.

I’ve had clients go through tough times that pulled them away from the project. While it is completely understandable that someone dealing with a personal crisis can’t focus on the design project, the custom orders already set into motion cannot be paused or cancelled, which means production will conclude and balances will be due. Basically, I’m a design firm, not a bank.

Those examples aside, there are many benefits to paying 100% up front:
· It cuts paperwork in half (instead of billing for a deposit and final invoice).
· Projects move more quickly this way, as it makes the entire order process more efficient and allows us to complete your project quicker.

Here’s an example to illustrate my point: My vendors won’t ship your items until they are paid in full, so in the case of a 50% deposit, I would then pay my vendors 50%. They would send me an invoice when the item is ready to ship. I then send you a balance-due invoice. I process your payment, then pay my vendor. Some vendors still send paper invoices and only take checks, so this can add a week or two to the lead time.


Ready to begin your design experience?

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