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How to Decorate a large, long 2 story entry

Here in Texas, I often encounter large dramatic foyers and am frequently asked how to decorate them.  Here are a few tips:


1. You aren’t going to be able to fill them up.  And if you try, the space will quickly become overwhelming.  I have seen homes with artwork rising to the ceiling and it makes a visitor feel small!  Additionally, who can enjoy artwork 2 stories above you?  Let the pretty architecture BE the artwork, and don’t be afraid of the empty space.


2. Create Eye catching vignettes…at eye level.  I work instead to create small areas of “story”:  self contained compositions of beauty positioned where visitors and family can take them in regularly.

How to Decorate a Large Two Story Entry

3. Let the entry be the preview of the home.  Use your accent colors for the rest of the home in this space of first impressions.  Consider this area a “trailer” for the coming attraction.  I like it to have a mix of textures, a punch of color and a quiet simplicity.