How making a homecoming mum is like decorating a room

As a Nouveau Texan, I have just completed construction of my first homecoming garter for my daughter’s date.  Being that I live in Southlake, this small garter for a man is really more like a full blow mum!  As my stapler and hot glue gun were flying, I got to thinking about how the principals of putting together a fabulous mum are very much like creating a fabulous room.

-Pick a color scheme: My daughter’s date is a senior, so his garter is all silver and white. Using a complementary color scheme in a space is a great way to create a soothing and sophisticated look.

-Layer textures: Shiny and matte, smooth and bumpy, sheer and opaque ribbons.  Even if most of your upholstery is neutral, using a variety of textures in your fabrics creates a visually and palpably pleasing space.

-Add a little bling: Sparkle it up with lights, sequins, glitter. Okay, maybe don’t add quite as much sparkle to your room as to your mum, but do add a little!  Every room can be enlivened with mercury glass, mirrors,  and metallics.  They add the glamour, life and light that a room craves.

-Keep things a bit uneven: Let the ribbon lengths be different and the trinkets hang at varying heights: Vary the placement of your wall hangings, mix your pillow fabrics, break up the set.  Variety is the spice of life.


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