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Home Interiors Trends for Fall

Home Interiors Trends for Fall

Due to the chaos around us in the world at large, home trends have taken a turn toward the cozy.  Whether through the use of chunky knits for cocooning, or rich earth tones to ground us, the industry is responding to a felt need to be in the safety of home.

As always, we in North Texas are a bit slower to adopt these trends but I expect elements of these looks to requested by clients as soon as this fall. Adding a wall or rich paint or a vignette of accessories may bring this comfort to your home as well.

Colors and Patterns from the Earth to Ground us:  warm neutrals, rich browns, terra cotta, deep green.  Organic, imperfect patterns on fabrics and accessories

Simple, peaceful forms:  uncomplicated shapes for our furniture, tribal and cultural textiles and crafts.

Home Interiors Trends for Fall

Relief: Butter yellow and energetic brights juxtapositioned against those moody neutrals express our hope for the future and our weariness of isolation.

Home Interiors Trends for Fall
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