Site Finished Hardwood

Site finished hardwoods are still the gold standard in flooring.

Hardwood Floor Trends

While the trend for hardwood floors here in North Texas has been a medium to dark espresso color with a light hand scraping, there is a move toward wider planks, no hand scraping, and natural tones.

Hardwood Floor Advantages

Hardwood floors are soft underfoot as compared to tile, and can be periodically buffed to remove surface scratches, or sanded and restained to the latest color. They are a great investment in your home.

Hardwood Floor Disadvantages

However, they also require the most labor, mess and time to install! With the technological advancement of water based solvents from oil based solvents, the smell that used to cause families to move out when refinishing hardwoods has been reduced significantly. Still, they do cause a significant disruption to the homeowner for several days. If you have the option of installing or refinishing hardwoods prior to move in, DO IT!