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What makes a good guest room?

When visiting friends or family for a few days, what you need in your room is different than what you might need at home. Here are a few ideas to make your guests feel extra welcome when they visit:

  • Layers of comfortable bedding. A few light layers are better that a single heavy comforter so guests can customize the warmth they need during the night.

  • Late night bathroom visits are easier in strange places with a nightlight to guide the way.

  • Card with wifi code. Hotels give you the wifi code in writing to make it easy. Why shouldn’t we?

  • A basket of forgotten essentials. A travel sized toothpaste, toothbrush, shaver and the like are a thoughtful addition.

  • Empty horizontal surfaces. This is not the room to overwhelm with tabletop accessories; guests need room to set out toiletries, make up and electronics.

  • Multi plug extension cord. Make it easy for your guests to plug in all their devices.

  • Blackout window covering. Shades or curtains, darkening the room for sleep makes it better for most.