Updating a Mid Century Home While Retaining Character


I am humbled and honored to have had a recent project of mine featured in a Houzz article!

When I was first contacted by my customer Susan, she was ready to remodel her mid century home, but couldn’t figure out how to begin. We met and brainstormed, and discussed options and the needs of the family. As a couple with an adult sister living in the home, the 1970’s space needed to provide 3 adults with room to hang out, entertain, and enjoy life. I quickly realized that the original kitchen was closed off from the eating space and its glorious windows, so opening that up became priority number one. I needed to create more working space in the kitchen, and this became the second goal of the new design.

Her family was combining furniture from multiple homes, and editing pieces was critical to making room for new items. Then we created a layout that would meet the diverse needs of the family in the space available.

Susan was fortunate enough to be able to move out during the construction, as all 2200 square feet were being updated. Once remodeling began, we completed material selection. The white quartz was a perfect complement to the sleek urban milled hardwood cabinets. The homeowners plan to stay in their home long term, so splurged on all high end appliances.

As we pulled together the design elements of the new pieces, it became clear to me that the home called for mid century styles.   I blended that look with the modern, clean lines preferred by the family. The result was a wonderful blend of rustic, provided by the souvenirs acquired during the owners’ extensive travel, modern, found in the kitchen and furniture selections, and mid century,  found in the accent furniture.  Comfort was important so a plush sofa lives along side an ultra hip leather chair.