Engineered Hardwood: What is it?

What’s the difference between engineered hardwood and site finished hardwood?

What is it?

Engineered hardwood is a thin veneer of the wood of your choice over a plywood, high density fiberboard or hardwood base. This differs from a laminate hardwood which is basically a photo of wood adhered to the base. Laminate also comes at a lower price point.

Installation and cost

It arrives on the job site pre-finished and ready for placement. The installation is cleaner, quicker, and lower cost. And without the labor cost included, it may be as much or more than full body hardwoods per square foot.


In addition to the comparatively quick installation, a good quality engineered hardwood will not swell or warp, making it a durable floor covering. The thickness of the veneer and the construction of the substructure determine the quality of the engineered wood. A thicker veneer allows for a future sanding or two.