Comforting neutrals feel right in this crazy world

Raise your hand if you have been removing the brown from your home? I know our Texas homes were full of brown just a few years ago, and we’ve all worked hard to lighten, brighten, and cool off our interiors. BUT… the trend watchers tell us that the return to warm neutrals is here. But like all things in clothing and home fashion, a style never comes back quite the same. 

Patty Carpenter analyzes global influences to forecast trends for manufacturers months ahead of their appearance.  She sees the following in our future:



“As we look for the comfort and connections being denied during COVID-19, we instinctively turn toward the warmer side of neutrals.”


“We blend our inherited cultures with the cultures of the places we land, evidenced by a beautiful spectrum of splendid skin tones that add life and comfort to products that embrace them.”


“The red-casted warmth of terracotta and clay touches us on a visceral level. As a human family, we have utilized this material for centuries to shelter and protect us, to carry our food and our water.”


“With their subtle shades of various warmed whites to teasingly taupe casts, their earthy colors engage us. They exude a halo of health. “

What does this mean for your home?

As I choose fabrics for furniture for clients, I will be leaning toward the warmer neutrals like mushroom, versus the colder grays of a few years ago. If a client wants blue, I will balance it with some warmer tones to keep things feeling fresh. Accessories will incorporate warmer tones as well, with red earth accents paired with existing accent colors. Even adding a pillow in a fleshy espresso color can make your room feel updated.

Does this feel outside your comfort zone? You are not alone. As these trends appear on consumer sites over the next 2 years, and you see them over and over, they will begin to feel comfortable and familiar. Knowing what is on the horizon allows me as your designer, and you as the homeowner, to make wise choices that will help your homes design feel fresh and current for years to come.

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