Love it or hate it, carpet serves a purpose. Let’s admit it, it’s nice to walk barefoot on a cushy carpet!

Carpet On Stairs

A patterned runner on the stairs brings color and pattern to an entry, and provides a safe, slip free stairway. There are so many lovely textures available in stain resistant carpets these days that they can update a home very quickly. It does not have to look like the shag your grandmother had!

Carpet for Resale

For resale a home with a mosaic of tile, carpet and hardwood visible from the entry is not desirable. But hardwood flooring in your public spaces, carpet in your bedrooms, and tile in your bathrooms is quite acceptable.

Carpet with Pets

Carpet technology has advanced significantly, allowing for built in stain resistance, which makes carpet easier than ever for homeowners with pets. And the variety of patterns allows carpet to add to the design of any space.