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8 Tips for Keeping Your Home Looking Neater

Written by Ann Bridgman

We all struggle with day to day clutter and want to keep our homes neat and tidy without being slaves to them! Here are few ideas for streamlining your home:

  1. Pull your furniture off the walls. Give your pieces some breathing room. Evenly space your furniture in the room rather than having an arena in the center. Makes your room look larger.
  2. Hang pictures in an organized fashion. Don’t try to fill every open space, but rather pick a few areas to group pictures into a cohesive arrangement.
  3. Make sure the scale of your furniture is similar. An antique settee next to an oversized Pottery Barn sofa feels off-kilter and makes the whole room feel unsettled.
  4. Fluff your pillows. Saggy, draggy pillows on your sofa or master bed makes the room look as disheveled as an unmade bed.
  5. Organize and decorate your landing pad. Where does your purse go when you come in? The mail? Your keys? Clean it up, put up cute hooks and label baskets.
  6. Tame your cords. Use Velcro or plastic cable ties to corral cords behind your desk and entertainment center. Put away chargers when not in use.
  7. Keep horizontal surfaces nearly empty. Only a tray on the coffee table, only a lamp on the side table. Countertops clear. Less visual noise, and less to get messy.
  8. Strip down your shelves. Keep everything nearly monochromatic and 1/3-1/2 empty. No more dust catchers!

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