5 Great Bathroom Trends for 2019

5 Great Bathroom Trends for 2019


If you are renovating this year, incorporating one or more of these ideas will help your new design feel fresh and up to date.

(source unknown)

1. Vintage

Exposed plumbing, antique style tiles such as penny rounds, and mid century inspired, furniture-like vanities all bring this vibe.

2. Splash
Tiny Powder rooms are a great place to take a risk in your home, so using a bold wallpaper, snappy tile, or saturated paint color can make this space a fun surprise.

3. Assymmetry
Accessories like mirrors and bath lights are embracing the “wabi sabi” imperfection in nature by breaking the rules about shapes. A non linear shape brings an organic quality.

4. Lightness
Bathrooms have sacrificed storage for floating vanities, and metal suppported basins, in an effort to minimize the heaviness associated with a traditional vanity.

5. Wood
The ultimate natural material, wood has made a reappearance in the bath. Take a look at the new Apple Store: it’s no longer all white…it’s filled with natural wood. I noticed a wood trimmed freestanding tub in the marketplace yesterday, but even wood tile can bring this feel to your home.