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25 Ideas to Freshen a Room!

Written by Ann Bridgman

1. Paint.  Duh, right?  But changing the wall color is the single biggest thing you can do to impact a space, at the lowest cost.

2. Go au natural.  Driftwood, grass, a plant.  Nature makes a space feel alive.

3. Get shiny.  It could be a mirror, but it can be a tabletop item that is mercury glass, or mirrored, or reflective.

4. Go Round. Is everything in the room a square or rectangle?  How about a round ottoman, pillow, or table?

5. Vary heights of wall hangings.  If you look around your wall and all the art is at the same height, vary it.  Your eyes should travel a roller coaster as they look around the room.

6.Mix shapes of wall hangings. A pair of squares on the small wall, a round mirror over the fireplace, a big rectangular picture over the couch.  You get the idea.

7.Paint a piece of furniture.  A dated queen Anne side table can become a great kitschy piece if painted bright purple.

8. Display a travel souvenir.  It’s fun as a guest to ask about an unusual item and hear a fun travel story.

9. Frame a candid family photo.  Your rooms should reflect who you are.  Is your family important to you?  Display a casual photo of them.

10. Be a man.  Adding a little masculine touch balances a room.  This can be with a subtle tone on tone menswear fabric, a meaty leather, or a tailored window treatment.

11. From the sea.  Coral, shells, driftwood, sand.  In pictures, on tabletops, in sparkling bowls and vases.  Ahhh…

12.Ladies first. Fabrics are a great place to add that feminine touch:  Silks, satins, ruffles.  Don’t go overboard or you’ll be in old lady land.

13.Layer fabrics of the same color, varying textures.  This is a sophisticated way to build a room with a monochromatic color scheme.

14.Change the mat or frame on a picture.  I painted a frame and the whole picture took on new life in my space!

15.Change your flooring.  This is the second biggest impact you can make after paint.  It is a bigger investment, but so worth it!

16. Change out the dominant color.  Is red your accent color?  Try removing it all.  Peaceful right?  What happens if you add blue then, or green?

17. Change your lampshade. Modernize the shape, or hot glue on some trim.

18.Change the hardware.  The pulls on cabinets, side tables, and metal lamps are all fair game.

19. Try things in a different room.  Move accent chairs room to room.  Mix up table top items.  Mix up pillows.

20. Add Trim.  Also known as bedazzle!  Add tassels to dining room chair backs, edge pillow in brush fringe, spice up candlesticks.

21. Trim out woodwork.  Crown molding is the icing on the cake, but wainscotting, chair rails, and beefed up baseboards all add drama.

22. Improve your lighting.  Add recessed lighting, add a plant or art light, or even a floor lamp.  It all helps!

23.Reupholster a chair. It ends up costing at least 2/3 the cost of a new chair, but if you love the chair for it’s comfort, shape or sentimental value, resurfacing it in just the right fabric might be worth it.

24.Throw in a rug.  Any size can add color or pattern to a room. If it’s small, try it on an angle.

25. Give it a twist. Why not turn your couch on an angle?  Live a little!

Want an inviting space filled with joy and love?

Get in touch and let’s get started! I can’t wait to hear your design dreams and bring together just the thing for a space you can relax, gather, and call home.

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