2011 Color Trends

“Coral is something that’s going to be a big, big deal,” noted Michelle Lamb, chairman of Marketing Directions, a leading expert in home furnishing trend and color forecasting.  Two other hues will have a strong impact as well.  Red-cast blue will be growing, and “grays are becoming warmer” and moving toward brown. Going further, Lamb lists several categories as continuing and growing color influences:

  • Neutrals
  • Shades of Pale
    Cooler colors prevail and include icy blues, powder pink, crème de menthe and purples which move away from red.
  • Mayan Heaven
    Influenced by Mayan culture and folktales, these hues include sunstone gold, coral red, cool peacock and red-cast purple.
  • Rewind
    With a nod toward the past, colors in this palette comprise red-cast denim and green teals.
  • Celebration
    So important in 2010, social colors turquoise, fuchsia and orange continue into 2011.
  • Rich
    Fresh for 2011 and trending up are royal purple, brocade brown, yellow green and medieval green.

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