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11 Ways to Update your Space

11 Ways to Update your Space

Add or swap out to include:

1. Natural: a plant or succulent, a mineral or shell

2. Reflective: a regular or mercury glass

3. Round: accessory, tray or ottoman

Southlake Interior Designer

4. Souvenir of travel

5. Unposed, candid family photo

6. Menswear/tailored/masculine: a plaid or herringbone pillow or throw

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7. Feminine/ruffled/silk/satin: a skirted pouf or silky pillow. Click here to read a blog post about this.

8. From the sea: coral or shell

9. Multiple fabrics of same color, different textures: pick one color and get 3 different pillows in it

10. Flameless candles: they add the warmest glow to spaces and welcome you home without the worry of real

11. Dominant color: is red your accent color? Remove it all and add back in a new one

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