10 Ways to Change up your Home

When you are ready to have a little change in your home, there are easy fixes like buying pillows, and there are complex changes like renovating your master bathroom. But there are also a substantial number of things in between that require a bit more money but yield more return as well!

1. Make all your tabletop and wall gallery family picture frames the same finish.
Simplifying this variable takes the display from nineties to now.

2. Change your lampshades.
If you still have beaded or trimmed or traditionally shaped lampshades, try a simple drum shade for a quick update. A pop of color gives a corner a brand-new look.

3. Re-frame or re-mat your old art.
It gives it new life! Going from a chunky ornate gold frame to a simple champagne frame, or from a mauve mat to a neutral linen allows the art piece itself to be reborn.

4. Flooring.
Yes, this one is a bigger chunk. But investing in re-staining and re-texturing your hardwood floors gives the whole room a modern look. 


5. Home hardware: changing your doorknobs, hinges and cabinet pulls can be a super market-friendly update.
It usually costs less than $1000 to change all your doorknobs and hinges.

6. Add trim.
Crown molding, panel molding, or window casing. Click here to see some examples. More trim in a home makes it feel higher end.

7. Reupholster furniture.
If it is comfortable, it may be worth it! Reupholstering a chair costs about 2/3 of the cost of a new piece of good furniture. With inexpensive furniture being readily available on sites like Wayfair, it may be less expensive to just buy a new item, rather than reupholstering. But if a piece has sentimental value, or you simply love its shape and comfort, go for it!


8. Change your lightbulbs.
From incandescent to LED. I prefer 2700 or 3000, rather than the “daylight” color because they offer a soft white light, rather than a bluer, cold light.

9. Paint your wood cabinets.
White cabinets are a coastal favorite, but color is coming back to kitchens. Now is a wonderful time to have a little fun with at least your island. Click here to read a blog post about this.

10. Add window treatments.
First consult your friendly designer Ann Bridgman to address your functional concerns of privacy and light control. Then use your new window treatments to add softness and finish to the room. There is an enormous difference between “off the shelf” curtains and professionally constructed drapes. They never disappoint! Click here to see some examples.

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